INFO letter


We recommend the corona vaccination to every patient and will have ourselves vaccinated as soon as possible. The vaccine is approved for people aged 16 and over.


The Biontech vaccine was tested on over 21,000 people before approval (more test subjects than any other vaccine ever approved) and there were only minor side effects such as pain at the injection site, headache, tiredness and exhaustion for a short time. In sensitive people, allergic reactions occurred very rarely, which can be easily controlled with medication.

The vaccine does not change the genetic make-up and is safe according to current scientific knowledge. It contains mRNA (not DNA), the same substance that most cold viruses contain. The mRNA is used by a common cold virus, as well as by a

Corona virus, brought into your cells by the virus in order to be able to multiply.

The vaccine does not get into the cell nucleus and does not change the genetic material.

The vaccine mRNA does not make your muscle cells produce a virus, but only a protein (spike protein) which simulates an infection and causes your body to produce antibodies and immune cells that act against the virus. So the vaccination does not contain any virus or virus particles.

Please do not pay attention to the false reports circulating on the Internet!

The vaccination does not make you sterile, you do not become impotent and you do not get a microchip into your body.

 Whether you can still be contagious as a vaccinated person if you have been in contact with the virus is still unknown, but as a vaccinated person you will most likely be protected from a fatal course of a corona infection.

It is still unclear whether you can pass an infection on to other people without having symptoms yourself, so the need for mouth-nose protection and the distance rules remain until this question has been clarified.

The question of how long the vaccination protection lasts is still unanswered.


The vaccination is free and is initially carried out in vaccination centers.


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